Sales and Income

This area is designed to give you easy access to useful finance information relating to sales and income.

There are several payment methods available to process transactions into the University's accounts:

Methods of receiving income from sales
Online Store For conferences, short courses, events and products.
Payment of Sales Invoices by customer using credit card over the phone Payment accepted by Credit Control.
Payment of non invoiceable transactions with credit card over the phone Payments accepted by the Income Office.
All other payment methods (cheques, cash etc) Payments accepted by the Income Office.
Payment via Bank Transfer Payments can be made direct to the University bank account. Please contact the Income Office.
To raise non-research sales invoices For guidance on how to organise an invoice being raised refer to Sales Invoicing

If you cannot find the information you are looking for on these pages or in the FAQs please contact your the Finance Helpdesk.

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