Other Policies and Guidance

Approvals Matrix

The Approvals Matrix is a summary of University policies regarding expenditure, budgets, research grants and contracts and related areas. Each section is cross referenced to the relevant provision in the Financial Regulations and Procedures. (Please note that the Approvals Matrix has the status of a guideline to existing University policies and procedures).

Outside Work and Consultancy Policy

All consultancy and other outside work (whether University or private) must be approved by the relevant Head of School before any formal agreement is made with the external client. In the case of Heads of School, approval must be obtained from the relevant Dean and The President for Deans and Vice-Presidents. Staff engaging in consulting or other outside work on University time must follow the instructions in this policy, and if required seek further guidance from UMIP. Please note that some types of unpaid work may also require approval.

Policy for Socially Responsible Investment

Making investment decisions on the basis of specific social, ethical and environmental criteria is one of the ways in which the University can express the values and objectives to which we are committed. This Policy for Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) has therefore been developed, which will allow the University to pursue an ethical approach, whilst minimising any negative impact on its investment returns.

Gifts from Students Policy

On occasion, students or their families offer gifts to members of the University’s staff. There is a risk that such gifts may be seen as leading to a potential conflict of interest, especially regarding examination results and degree classes. In contrast, to refuse a gift may cause offence.
This policy is intended to provide guidance on this issue for both staff and students, and to prevent such problems occurring in future.

Gifts Acceptance Policy

The University will accept gifts within certain limits and only where they are consistent with its guiding principles. The policy provides full details and information on our processes for the approval of certain gifts. The Gifts Acceptance Policy is operated by the Development and Alumni Relations Office.

University Conference Policy

All conferences at the University should adhere to the University Conference Policy to ensure appropriate financial contributions are achieved and a structured governance process is applied to appropriately manage any inherent risk.

A Conferences Costing Model is also available.

Giving out financial information to external third parties

At the University within Finance we are frequently asked to provide financial information to external third parties such as auditors, regulators and HMRC. Sometimes we will be asked to provide financial information to our customers within the University but they may themselves be intending to send it out to external third parties (eg for the ROSS CASE survey).

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