University Travel Tips

  • Do book at least 14 days in advance to obtain access to more favourable rates.
  • Do check the cancellation policies on booking (displayed in the booking tool).
  • Best prices are obtained on restricted rather than open tickets.
  • UK Hotel rates you are expected to go no higher than £150 per night; £200 for London.
  • When booking accommodation in Manchester please use Chancellors (see the online rates) or Crowne Plaza Manchester - Oxford Road and Staybridge Suites Manchester - Oxford Road.
    • To make a booking at Crowne Plaza (Oxford Road) and Staybridge Suites Manchester please use the following link to make bookings:
  • Business and First class travel is out of policy . You can still book but you must include in your justification for the trip as to why option has been selected. (E.g. From time to time you can obtain competitive deals on Virgin in particular).
  • Ensure on confirming booking to include in the Justification box a clear reason for travel. This is required for audit purposes.
  • The University of Manchester does not permit the use of Airbnb for several reasons including:-
    • Duty of Care - The University needs to know where its staff/students are when away on business, in case of political disturbance or natural disaster in their destination country. We can only do this if staff book their accommodation via Key Travel
    • Airbnb accommodation is not regulated to the same standard as hotels, especially with regard to safety, fire and hygiene regulations. There is also the additional risk such accommodation brings with it (e.g. where to collect the keys, landlord access and accessibility)
    • There is little/no support or assistance from a travel agent if there are issues with the accommodation or location (as opposed to any bookings made through Key Travel)
    • The University’s Travel Insurance policy does not cover any claims as a result of any incident in relation to private homes, Airbnb or similar type of accommodations. (Details of the University Insurance policy can be found

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