Role of Administrator in the Travel Management System

Your role as an administrator is to:

Grant members of staff access rights to the Key Travel system by contacting the Travel Helpdesk. All current bookers will retain this access but all other staff will receive look not book access.

  • The email subject must be "TMS Access request for [name of profile]". This is likely to include granting rights to book travel or to restrict a user to look not book

Request the creation of non-staff lite profiles by contacting the Travel Helpdesk with details of any non-staff (e.g post-grad).

  • The email subject must be "TMS access non-staff request for [name of traveller]".
  • For any post-grad students that you would like to have access to 'look-not-book' within Key Travel can you please add the following table to your email:
Firstname Surname Email Address Faculty School Division (Access) End Date
Dick Dastardley FSE Materials Materials 31/01/2019
xxx xxxxxx
xxxx xxxxxxx
  • Note: if the post-grad has a email address (e.g. demonstrator) they will be classed as staff and so are not required on this list.
  • The Travel Helpdesk will amalgamate and issue an update to Key Travel daily. PLease allow 2 working days by which time you can forward the 'profile' update link to the post-grad or guest for them to update personal details. Please refer them also to the Arrangers available to support any bookings.

Assist with the periodic reviews of access rights

  • The Travel Helpdesk will issue a list of profiles and access rights indicated at least half yearly. You will be requested to review and advise of any changes.

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