Frequently asked questions

How do I gain access to Key Travel?

  • If you have profiles then click on <insert action> and enter your email address and password.
  • If your email address is not recognised please contact the Travel Helpdesk ext: 68284.

I can only Look not book

  • All new profiles default to look no book access. This permits you to create a shopping basket but this will need passing to your supporting Arranger. If you would like to gain booking access then please contact your administrator.
  • Please note only University staff will have booking access. Non staff can have profiles but these will be look not book.

Who is my Arranger?

  • Please refer to the Arranger table.
  • If you cannot trace an arranger please contact the Administrator for your School.

Who is my Administrator?

Approval process

  • Activity code Requisitioner - 60% of any allotted time. Self approval (traveller) will not be permitted and so approval will divert directly to level 2.
  • Back-up approver determined by 'division' - Next 20% of any allotted time.
  • - Final 20%. The helpdesk will follow a process to obtain email approval from an appropriate manager.

My Approver is absent

  • The booking will flow automatically to the other 2 levels so if an approver is absent short term this should not cause a problem.
  • If you are aware that the absence may be long term please do contact the finance helpdesk as this will cause problems elsewhere in Oracle Financials.

Help and Guides to Use the Key Travel Booking System

Activity Code or Task Code not showing

  • If an activity code you wish to use does not display on the booking page please contact the Travel Helpdesk ext: 68284

Group Booking

  • If you are looking to book for a group (8+) then please contact Key group with the details.

Price Match Process

  • This is on the Key Travel webpage. Key Travel has a duty to report back to the University Finance department for all price match requests, including details on findings and outcomes.

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